The Pluripiano (wich means Multistorey construction system) of RDB Italprefabbricati effectively responds to the most tricky design needs: a new solution capable of combining high static performance with great flexibility in structural composition.
Pluripiano is formed with self-supporting structural elements, all of which can be used in seismic areas and are fire-resistant thanks to the use of decks with Neocem panels.

Thanks to the RDB Italprefabbricati technology, it is possible to construct buildings with more than eight intermediate floors, plus the roofing horizon that can be achieved with any of the RDB Italprefabbricati roofing construction systems, including Pannelli Neocem and Tiles, both self-supporting pre-stressed elements.

Neocem Panels are hollow flat or intrados panels, of limited thickness, used for the construction of horizons with medium-high overloads and high fire resistance, while the Tiles are used to cover large structural meshes with considerable geometric flexibility.

The consolidated experience of Rdb Italprefabbricati allows the application of Pluripiano technology to any building: industrial, commercial, multi-purpose, and executive centres. The system can be assembled with “I” “L”-shaped beams or with inverted “T” beams.

The advantages of PLURIPIANO

Wet frame Node
Wet frame Node
RDB Italprefabbricati can cast the knots of the reinforced concrete structures with the anti-seismic system, aka “wet” frame, thanks to the predisposition of particular casting finishing and slots in the prefabricated elements.

The RDB Italprefabbricati Wet Node is the only solution certified in Italy. These arrangements enable a quick position of the additional reinforcement and complete the casting after the elements have been installed to make the knot similar to the interlocking constraint from a structural point of view.

Anchorage System Armatubo
Anchorage System Armatubo
Innovative and certified foundation systems with templates for engaging the pillars without the aid of glasses.

Anchorage System Armatubo is the ideal construction element to build taller buildings than those achievable with a conventional multistorey construction system: thanks to the junctions of pillars through Anchorage system Armatubo, RDB Italprefabbricati constructions can go beyond 8 floors.

Bio-architecture: the GREEN roof

With Pluripiano it’s possible to create a real roof garden, a green roof. A touch of class capable of conferring a great aesthetic value to the prefabricated building and not only: in fact, there are many functional advantages of a green roof made in RDB Italprefabbricati, including the constitution of a microclimate, the absorption of CO2 and fine dust, the production of moisture and oxygen, reduced noise pollution and shelter from the wind.

Let’s see them in detail:

  • Absorption of carbon dioxide: it allows the atmosphere to lighten it and the system of heating and cooling to consume less;
  • Dust stabilization: improve air quality, because among the blades of grass they trap the dust and fumes with which they come into contact;
  • Filtering and purification: the pollutants contained in rainwater are filtered and purified by grass;
  • Resistance to fire: the turf, being made up of 80% water, is resistant to fire if correctly maintained is non-flammable;
  • Urban and indoor temperature regulation: the roof garden absorbs heat thus cooling the surface of the building and, consequently, the surrounding air.
  • The use of air conditioning systems is therefore reduced;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Psychological advantages: the presence of vegetation, especially in cities where it is lacking, gives positive feelings, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Opificio Salpi in Perugia


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