RDB Italprefabbricati construction system

Choosing a specific construction system according to the requirements of the project becomes crucial when it comes to prefabricated industrial sheds, , commercial building, and logistics and service industries which use project phase to achieve a detailed and functional researched structure in terms of technical, architectural as well as an aesthetic point of view.
These are our most demanded anti-seismic construction systems:

  • The Thor 2.0 construction system is ideal to use in different varieties of prefabricated sheds because of its original cross-sectional geometry and by its full-open V shape that grants the structure with high performance.
  • The Pluripiano construction system is ideal to satisfy the most demanding and complex projects as it can combine structural flexibility and static performance.

Construction systems for prefabricated industries and other types of buildings: some cases

To tangibly prove the added value of the prefabricated construction sheds throughout our construction systems, it is necessary to mention some projects RDB Italprefabbricati has carried out so far.

The double-curved tile Thor 2.0 was placed at the logistic Bartolini yard in Guidonia, nearby Rome, while the Pluripiano was the main construction element for the new Santoni Shoes establishments, nearby Macerata. Plus, construction systems as Capav and Bacacier had also played a remarkable role in other structures such as in the new logistics centre Michelin and the Monge S.p.A. construction site in the province of Cuneo.

A wide range of innovative construction systems

Some of the main features for innovative construction systems, as fire-proof, brightness, water-proof, and anti-seismic resistance, are available within the RDB Italprefabbricati.

  • Thor is an ideal construction system intended to build roofing with high aesthetic and technical performance.
  • Pluripiano is a construction system composed of self-supporting structural elements suitable also in seismic zones, also provided with fire-proof Neocem panel decks.
  • Capav is a construction system composed of double slope architectural elements suitable to construct industrial, commercial, and service industry buildings. Due to its shape, Capav guarantees the most significant volume covering and space enhancement to install shelving.
  • Bacacier is the French flat roof construction system and the most suitable to meet the construction needs of buildings for logistical use. The Bacacier construction system boasts the use of structural meshes with optimised illumination, thus meeting specific functional rather than aesthetic requirements.

We have a certification for the design, production, transport, and assembly of precast concrete structural components, respectively UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, which demonstrate the compliance of our management system with current regulations. At RDB Italprefabbricati, the construction of precast concrete panels for our plants has energy characteristics that comply with the UNI EN ISO 6946:2008.

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